About Us

GIGAIPC, established in 2018 as an independent IPC-focused spin-off from GIGABYTE, is driven by passion for technology and agile intuition of our customer’s requirements. GIGAIPC has an exceptionally sophisticated Research & Development department, enabling us to keep up with the rapid pace of today’s technology. Combined with our outstanding research and design ability, GIGAIPC also has an award-winning Taiwan-based manufacturing facility, synchronizing with GIGAIPC’s R&D department to deliver high quality and reliable products. GIGAIPC is a young and energetic organization driven by surpassing our customer’s expectations, and we promise to offer our customers not only high quality computing platforms, but also world class service and support. As a result, GIGAIPC’s service centers have been established in most major cities worldwide, and our global presence is still being actively expanding, all ready to offer the best service to our customers.

By contacting our skilled sales team or by leaving a message via our website, GIGAIPC can provide standardized off-the-shelf products or customized solutions to system integrators and OEM/ODM clients.

"Bringing you tomorrow’s interactive and connected world today", the strengths of GIGAIPC are based on the advantages, skills and expertise we have built to realize this vision, including being customer focused and striving for high quality. GIGAIPC is determined to keep reinforcing these strengths as our principles to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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